Youth Opportunities

  • We are a generational family who are committed to a ministry that will have a positive influence on the lives of youth. We desire to produce the highest quality of strawberries while at the same time to provide opportunities to help nurture the nation's finest youth.
  • Our ministry is to provide an opportunity for the youth of our community to have a place to start working and gain in their personal growth. We also desire to set a positive example of behavior and teach youth basic work ethics.
  • Are you at least 12 years old and interested in a job opportunity with Klicker Strawberries? If so, see below for more information.

Employment Requirements

With operating and labor costs increasing each year, we must keep our labor force at numbers that maximize our opportunity make a profit and remain in business. Therefore we will be employing pickers who are at least 12 years old, respectful, committed to working at least 5 days a week/approximately 4 hours a day through the harvest season, and who we believe to have the best potential to be productive. Picking payment is by the flat. We cannot guarantee that all who apply get hired. In addition, basic mental and physical requirements must be met.

Application Packets:

Application packets are available by appointment only.  The packet includes:

  • Application 
  • Parent/School Authorization Form - if you are under 18; requires a PROOF OF AGE document (can be a copy)
  • I-9 Form - Government requirement to show lots of ORIGINAL/CERTIFIED documents. Click here to see on page 3 of the I-9 a list of acceptable documents. You will need one (1) document from column A OR one (1) document from BOTH column B and C.
  • W-4 - Government requirement for paycheck taxes
  • Parent/Picker Letter (at Appointment time) - Job overview, procedures, work & safety rules, pay rate etc.

If you are a first time applicant, examples of some of the required documents you may need to bring with you are:

  • Original or Certified Copy of your Birth Certificate
  • Original Social Security Card
  • Photo ID (school ID card works) or School Report Card

Even if you have worked for us before, you still may be required to bring some of the above documentation.

Schedule & Transportation:

We begin picking at 7:00 am and usually pick for approximately 4 hours.

Employees are responsible for getting their own transportation to work. Since our ending times vary, we have return-home routes contingent on us having available qualified drivers. These rides near home cover the city limits of Walla Walla and College Place after work. If these approximate routes are not near your home, the employee will need to make arrangements to be picked up at the farm or picked up at drop off points along our approximate routes. Hard copies of maps available at time of Application Appointment. Again, after work rides home are contingent on us having available qualifed drivers.  Please plan accordingly.

College Place


Currently, the crop is taking its winter nap and we anticipate the strawberries awakening sometime in March.  Therefore, please check back around April 1st for information regarding applications and employment for the 2023 summer harvest.
Should you have any general employment questions, please email or call us at 5095252494.







Office Hours

Summer Harvest Office Hours:

Monday — Sunday
OPEN when harvest crew working


Non-Harvest Office Hours - Closed

For office assistance in matters other than Employment between approximately August 1st and the following June, please call the office at 509.525.2494 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us to make arrangements.


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