StrawberriesWhat Is A Klicker Strawberry?

Klicker Strawberry is a vine-ripened strawberry that has been grown in the foothills of the Blue Mountains by the Klicker Family.  A Klicker Strawberry has the tradition of having excellent quality, and of being "Famous for Flavor".

Klicker Strawberries are also a tradition of Walla Walla youth who have helped in producing and harvesting the annual crop since 1918.  The current goal of the Klicker family is to provide a ministry to the young people of our community. This will provide the opportunity for them to learn about a good work ethic, leadership, and gain personal growth.

Fresh Strawberries

  • Klicker Strawberries are picked without stems, washed, sorted, sliced and packaged in 4 container sizes.

    • 28# bucket (approximately 4 gallons)
    • 20# bucket (approximately 3 gallons)
    • 7.5# bucket (approximately 5 quarts)
    • 3# bucket (approximately 2 quarts)
  • Fresh Klicker Strawberries buckets have NO SUGAR

  • If you are needing strawberries to serve a large crowd, one 28# bucket serves approximately:

    • 75 people for strawberry shortcake
    • 100 people for ice cream

How to handle fresh Strawberries

  • Klicker Strawberries are a fresh fruit product and therefore need to be refrigerated right away, and not accidentally left in the car, back porch or kitchen counter.

  • Klicker Strawberries are best served or processed the day of purchase.  We recommend they be used within 3 days. You may stretch this by a few days by adding sugar or other preservatives.

  • When fresh fruit is concealed in a container, natural gases become trapped. We recommend "burping" the container by lifting the lid on the bucket twice a day to release those gases.

  • If you are unable to use your Klicker Strawberries right away, place the entire bucket in the freezer.

  • Some Customer Recommendations for using Klicker Strawberries:

    • Purchase fresh 7-1/2# or 3# buckets and place them in the freezer to use for family gatherings in the winter months.
    • Divide fresh Klicker Strawberries into zip-lock freezer bags to lay flat in the freezer—it saves lots of space!
    • Use the leftover juice in the buckets for a smoothie.
    • Freeze the juice to make strawberry syrup over the winter.

Frozen Strawberries

"Famous for Flavor" Klicker Strawberries are also available frozen.

Frozen Retail

  • Frozen Klicker Strawberries can be purchased in Walla Walla at the Klicker Store. They carry buckets with sugar or without sugar the entire year.
  • Some of our retailers of fresh Klicker Strawberries may carry a supply of frozen strawberries without sugar.

Frozen Wholesale

  • If you are interested in frozen Klicker Strawberries for your retail food service, please contact SYSCO Food Services of Spokane at
  • Frozen Klicker Strawberries may also be used for making ice cream, pies, jam or any other processed product that requires high quality strawberry as an ingredient.
  • Klicker Strawberries may also be custom packed with or without sugar to meet special needs and uses.

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